Mark Lovely VoiceOvers

You’ve got something to say…Need someone to say it?

If your commercial, documentary, training video, website, or other project needs a great voice to COMMUNICATE a message, one that comes across as strong, warm and inviting, Mark can provide it.
Experience? Mark started working as an announcer at a radio station when he was 15, so he’s produced tons of commercials over the years. He’s a professional.

Yet, he also has a personal and intimate delivery that draws in people of all types. In other words, he doesn’t always SOUND like a radio announcer. You know, like the guys who think they have to be PROJECTING, even when you’re standing right next to them. (Boy I hate that.)

• Authoritative, but REAL.
TRUE communication.

Plus he’s coachable, so you’ll get exactly the result you have playing in your head.

Check out the demos and hear for yourself. Just call 270.202.1328 or email for more information

Mark Lovely Voiceovers
Mark Lovely Voiceovers


Mark Lovely Voiceovers
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